Shape: [M&M] body shapes-Gerda Shape-69 ... Linden
Skin: [Inaya] Skin Marayah M0lip3no hair
Hair: a.C - STD.GloXhair JAJAY Black Tones
Tape : Toxic Bish Tape MUTED
Necklace: JD SET SIMPLE black
Outfit: Toxic Bish BITCH! Baggy outfit
Nails: A&A FAshion Dangerous Nails2010 pink
Shoes: INDI Designs - Olivieri Sneakers black


  1. Where did you get your hair from? The slurl sends me to CheerNo? And I don't see that hair there. Could you post the Slurl here again please. ^_^

  2. http://slurl.com/secondlife/CheerNo/84/75/31
    Please, this is Srul to the hair, they are there:)


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