New Skybox :))

Swamp Skybox is a perfect place When you need absolute privacy. The old house in Louisiana style is surrounded by animated water and realistic looking.
Building is made ​​of wood.

The structure is packed into a rezzer - one click rezz. Footprint is 62x64 meters. You land size must be at least 4096 or bigger. 171 prims (unfurnished)

You are buying it with matching furniture, but it is rezzed Separately.
Furniture package contains:
BEDROOM - 39 prims
Bed with sleep animations, armchair to read the book That Can Be Taken from the shelf.
LIVING ROOM - 70 prims
Contains couch and armchairs with different sits, old tv, old stove and a desk with some voodoo stuff.
KITCHEN - 56 prims
With dining room and two Stools with different sits, old fridge and some decoration.
BATHROOM - 49 prims
Tub That can be filled with water with animation.
Toilet That you can sit on. ;)



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